Formica Dinette


Q: What is a “formica dinette”?
A: Formica Dinette is what I was called, before I had a name.

Q: But, what is a “formica dinette”??!
A: Let’s start with “formica”:

Formica (plastic):
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Formica is a brand of composite materials manufactured by the Formica Corporation based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. In common use, the term refers to the company’s classic product, a heat-resistant, wipe-clean, plastic laminate of paper or fabric with melamine resin.

Now let’s look at “dinette”:

Definitions of dinette on the Web:
•A small dining area usually consisting of a table and facing bench seats; it can often be converted into a berth.
•More casual dining pieces, many times used for the Kitchen.
•Small-scaled dining furniture with a table and four to six chairs. Originally designed for kitchen use, but also used in small dining areas.

Combine those and you get:


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